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Next year Dubrovnik will see increased investments that will improve the city’s quality, especially in the area of improved hotel capacity.  Two of the largest hotel groups in Dubrovnik, Adriatic Luxury Hotels and Riviera Adria (Dubrovnik Babin kuk), will invest 60 million Euros in their southern hotels during this winter season. With this added construction capital in Dubrovnik hotels, the continued increase in hotel accommodation facilities in southern Croatia is guaranteed to continue to rise.

Also, the Mexican hotel company Karisma Hotels Adriatic, which bought Koločep Hotels in this Elaphiti island, has planned an investment worth almost 19 million Euros.  This capital improvement will convert the existing property into the first “couples only” hotel in the Dubrovnik region. Moreover, the construction of a golf resort on Mount Srdj is envisioned in the near future. The hotel house Dubrovnik – Babin Kuk will invest 40 million Euros in the renovation and modernization of two of its five company hotels. These capital improvements are directed to the upgrading of the hotel Dubrovnik President, raising it from a four-star to a  five-star hotel and improving the Argosy Hotel from three to four stars. Through these improvements, the Dubrovnik President hotel, which used to be the most luxurious hotel in Dubrovnik  in the   eighties, will once again regain its stature and become the first high-quality category hotel of the Valamar hotels and resorts company, the largest hotel group catering to tourists in Croatia. With an investment of 20 million Euros for the year 2014, the hotel will get 113 new rooms, a new outdoor pool, as well as an expanded conference room and wellness centre as part of the construction of new facilities. In addition to the major restoration efforts to the Hotel Argosy, five million additional Euros will be spent on special area improvements, such as outdoor swimming pool, terrace and landscaping. The Adriatic Luxury Hotels Group, the second largest hotel group in the area, announced an investment of 20 million Euros for 2014 in two hotels, the Dubrovnik Palace and the Kompas Hotel.  The Komas, located in Lapad bay, opened in 1968 with an investment of 14 million Euros and is now engaging in a complete reconstruction that will take it to a four-star hotel in 2014.  The number of accommodations will be increased from 115 to 145 rooms and suites, plus a wellness centre, a swimming pool and conference halls for 400 people, all of which will be new to the hotel.  The Dubrovnik Palace hotel, one of the most beloved of the Dubrovnik hotels, anticipates a complete makeover reconstruction of its rooms and suites. For next year, the completion of the second phase of construction of the More Hotel has been announced. This five-star  Dubrovnik hotel is known for its Cave bar, a built-in natural cave, which is located below the hotel.

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