MediaExpectations in 2013 - New flights to Dubrovnik

Expectations in 2013 - New flights to Dubrovnik

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According to present announcements, in the upcoming season the Dubrovnik airport is expected to increase the number of flights from the Scandinavian tourism market by as much as 43%.

Besides regular daily flights from Dubrovnik to Vienna, , Frankfurt and London Gatwick the summer timetable (from 31 March till 26 October ) includes also flights to Helsinki, which will be connected with the Croatian southernmost airport by 209 flights. Last year between the two cities there were realized 145 flights which means that number of flights between Dubrovnik and Helsinki will increase this year by 44%.

In total, from various Scandinavian destinations there are expected 722 flights, which is a significant increase compared to last year's 506 flights.
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) will connect Dubrovnik with Arlanda (Stockholm), Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and a new destination in this year's map to Dubrovnik – Bergen. Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced 122 flights from Oslo to Dubrovnik. Also, there will be flights from Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Copenhagen and Stockholm. This airline will introduce new flights from Dubrovnik to London Gatwick, and to Helsinki. According to previous announcements Norwegian should fly to Dubrovnik 380 times, which would be significant increase compared to last year's 196 flights.

Finnair is an old acquaintance of the Dubrovnik airport apron, and this season it has announced an increase in the frequency of flights from Helsinki from 3 to 5 times a week. Primera airline will connect Dubrovnik with Gothenburg and Stockholm, while Atlantic Airways will connect Dubrovnik with Kristiansand (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Southend in the UK.
A new company, Flynonstop, has announced its arrival in Dubrovnik from the city of Kristiansand with 22 flights. Not only is this for Dubrovnik Airport a new destination but also a brand new airline.

According to previous announcements, in 2013 Dubrovnik will be connected with 118 destinations in Europe and Asia, which means two more destinations than in 2012. Good announcements are coming from the German market, which has always been fond of the Croatian tourist offer. Despite the reintroduction of visas for Croatia upon its admission into the EU, there are no problems expected in the arrival of tourists from Russia and Ukraine. Even more, the announcements and airlines' interest is better than last year.

Although the map of destinations and airlines will be edited in the next few months, according to present announcements the assessment of this year's results of Dubrovnik airport is very optimistic. Last year ended with a figure of 4033 in total flights, whereas now the figure is already overreached, and it amounts to 4096 flights. If we add to this realistic expectations from the airlines that regularly come to Dubrovnik, but provide with their announcements only until March, this year's increase in passenger traffic could be higher than 5% compared to the last year's results. And the last year was the record year in the history of the Dubrovnik airport.



As for our national airline, Croatia Airlines, there have been announced 1995 flights for this year; 1010 of which should be international, and 985 domestic ones.
Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, due to the planned air traffic in this part of Europe and the world, at the beginning of 2013 Dubrovnik airport has many reasons to expect joyfully the upcoming tourist season and the months ahead.


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